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Smok Baby Beast

$24.99 USD

In stock

Big things don’t need to come in big packages, and SmokTech’s newest TFV8 Baby Beast Tank is a perfect example. This Micro TFV8 promotes a smaller Stainless Steel/Pyrex Glass construction (1/3 smaller than TFV8 Cloud Beast) standing at 53mm tall and 22mm wide. The Baby Beast holds a maximum 3mL of E-Juice and premiers SmokTech’s latest air chamber design. The re-designed Delrin drip tip features bottom-pair air-slots that promote a powerful draw, backed by two wide airflow slots that can be adjusted via airflow ring near the base. The Baby Beast uses the same intuitive top-filling hinge-lock method that can be found on the Cloud Beast and previous TFV4 tanks. To fill the tank, simply twist the top cap to reveal the top-filling fill port. Fill the tank and twist the cap closed. Done.

MIG Vapor Wasp Wax Air Vape Pen

$39.99 USD

In stock

Ultra-compact and technologically advanced, the WASP Wax Air Vape Pen is a wax vaporizer you don’t want to miss out on.


$29.99 USD

In stock

Choose from a variety of flavors of PURE Vape E Liquid.

Kb Rose Coconut Toner

$24.99 USD

In stock

Revitalize and restore skin with this antioxidant-rich toner that helps to reduce the appearance of pores, even skin tone, and draw out impurities leaving skin hydrated and healthy.

Kb Pet Shampoo

$15.99 USD

In stock

IT’S BACK!!!  Our AMAZING Hemp Pets Soothing CBD Shampoo!!  If you are trying organic and holistic products for your stress relief then your dog should not be any different. This Soothing shampoo with Hemp CBD is sure to be a pet owner’s favor tire. It gets rid of all the problems on your dog’s coat such as itching, hot spots and rashes. The ingredients are all organic and contain lavender and rosemary scents to relax your canine buddy during and after the wash. As a result, your dog has a soft, silky and moisturized coat making it look forward to bath time. This shampoo is perfect for dogs that get stressed out easily and have a hard time taking a bath.

Kb Nightly Repair

$35.99 USD

In stock

Nightly repair face cream description.

Kb Natural Deodorant

$14.99 USD

In stock

When you are living a holistic lifestyle then it's a given that every product you use should be organically sourced and KB Pure Essentials ensures that for you. Our range of deodorants contain the benefits of hemp oil along with pure essential oils and extracts.

Kb Massage Oil

$30.99 USD

In stock

Hemp CBD Massage Oil improves skin health, can reduce inflammation and helps to deal with pain management. Our batches of Hemp CBD massage oils are certified organic and mixed with other organic oils such as grapeseed, creating a perfect blend for your message therapy.

Kb Lip Balm

$4.99 USD

In stock

We are all about the lip love.

Our one of a kind, specially formulated lip balm combines the richness of coconut oil, the soothing and healing properties of hemp, the moisturizing qualities of Shea butter and cocoa butter and the heavenly scent of pure essential oils. Designed to lock in moisture, this is sure to be your new favorite and go to lip balm.

Kb Hemp Face Wash

$19.99 USD

In stock

kb Pure Essentials’ HEMP FACE-Eye Renewal is our most concentrated topical for the face and eyes.  There are 25mg of Hemp CBD per quarter ounce which will help reduce inflammation under the eyes, dark spots, scarring, and severe dry patches.  Hemp Face-Eye Renewal is the perfect product to add to your nightly routine.